Friday, December 7, 2012

Some stitching

What with Christmas coming up there are holiday gatherings within my stitching groups.  Below are some things I put together for a "tea cup" Christmas gathering.
Above is a little 'humbug' from FernRidge and I found some cute fabric that matched the humbug so I made a little ORTS bag to go with it.
 The picture above and below is a reversible bag I made to hold the home made Biscotti that I made for the Tea Cup Auction.
Below are two little ornaments that will hang on the library tree/or/wreath that our EGA group in Columbus decorates.
Sorry for the sidewards shot, haven't quite figured out everything with the new computer yet!!
Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season and that you are not stressing out.


Margaret said...

I love everything! But that humbug -- Oh my! That is adorable!!!

Nicola said...

I totally agree with Margaret's comments. Could not have summed up my feelings any better.

Carol said...

You've been busy, Roberta!! Your ornaments are so cute and I love the little humbug and thread catcher you made... Wishing you a very merry Christmas season :)

Melanie said...

Very cute!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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