Sunday, September 16, 2012

Need help finding designs by Paula Heckmann

If you ever had a class with Paula Heckmann, you know what a wonderful lady she is and an incredible teacher.  Paula passed away on July 4, 2011.
The reason for this request is from her husband Gary Heckmann.  He has all of Paula's beads and supplies but is unable to get the designs that go with all the bead packets that he has for both her beading projects and her cutwork designs.. 

If you have any of Paula's designs please leave you e-mail addy and name in the comment area and if you know the name of the design you have add that also.

The Dogwood Chapter of EGA is compiling what we have amoung ourselves, but we do not have many and the ones we have are duplicate (we all took the same classes ;o)

I will contact Gary with your e=mail addy and have him get in touch with you. 

Thank you for your help - Gary and his family does appreciate everyones help.


d foulkes said...

Hi, My sister and I run an ebay business. Earlier this week we decided to go to a small privately owned thrift store in South Oklahoma City. We found a Bucilla Stitchery kit in a box, brought it to the counter and asked how much. The man who owned the shop said we could have everything in that box for $2.00. So, of course we said DEAL, and took the box home without investigating it any further. We found 3 beadwork designs by Paula Heckmann, and one cutwork pattern in the box. I was googling her name to try and find out more about these items when I stumbled upon your blog, and your call for the items. I have the beaded Stained Glass Amulet Bag (1998), Copper and Lapiz Amulet Bag (2001), and Small Heart Bag from Keepsake Cutwork (1999). The cutwork pattern is from keepsake Cutwork, and it is for two ornaments, I don't see a design number or name on the item. I would be happy to send these items to an address you provide, I will just check this blog for a message later. Let me know if these are items you need. I am saddened by your lose, and hope this helps. D.

Shawne Leach said...

Hello. I am fortunate enough to have ordered a cutwork kit from Paula, entitled "Keepsake Cutwork". It is a roughly 20-page document of incredible cutwork directions and several patterns. In the kit, Paula included the designs in hardcopy and on lovely linen, ready to stitch. I have the full document. Patterns include: one unamed, "Small Treasures", another unnamed with pulled thread in the middle, "Elegance Treasure", "Hearts", square sachet, crown sachet. Is the family still Cookeville, TN? If so, I will be happy to copy and mail.

Shawne Leach

Shawne Leach said...

Hi. it's Shawne again. My email is