Friday, May 4, 2012

Some stitching and the new sewing room

I have been busy not only with yard work and house work, but stitching as well.  Below is Shepherd Bush's Potting Shed.
Here is Rain Rain from LaDaDa 
I am working deligently on Sanctuary by The Drawn Thread, I had started this years ago and I am almost finished with it.  My goal is to have it done by the end of May!! and I am well on the way to meeting this goal!!
This is the year of getting some of my WIP's finished!! 
Below is a shot of the new sewing studio (I was told to call it a studio not a room - for creative purposes!!)
As you can see we broke through a wall in the guest bedroom and built the room over the garage.
It still is quite a bit messy, but I can pretty much find anything I want, and someday I will organize the space a bit better.  Right now, all quilting things are in one area, beading in an area and so on, but I really want to be stitching so that is what I am doing now! 
 I even have a couch in this new space - of course it is for the cats to lay on and watch what I am doing.
This is a shot from the studio looking out to the guest bedroom 
Well, that is it for today - neighborhood yard sale tomorrow - so I have things to do to get ready for that.

Thank you for stopping by and I do thank you all for not deleting me from your blog reading.  I promise to be much better with this - I am getting back into computer mode and that may be because my life is settling down nicely and I have quit my job!!!

Until later  ---   Roberta


Nancy said...

I'm so happy for you that you are finding time to stitch again Roberta! Everything looks so pretty!

Enjoy your new room. It looks like a fun place to get lost in!

Nancy said...

Glad you are getting some stitching time! Enjoy your new room!

Edgar said...

What super WIP's and a great studio to work in!!! I am green with envy!!!

Margaret said...

All of your stitching is so pretty! How lucky you are to have that lovely studio! I'm totally green with envy. Enjoy it!

Mouse said...

ooooooooooooo well done on the stitching front and your goal looks like it will be achieved :)
and love your new room *sigh I need a bigger space love mouse xxxxx

Penny said...

Your stitching is beautiful! And I would LOVE to have a sewing studio like yours! That was sweet of you to provide a couch for your cats to relax on. :) I'm glad to have found your blog!

Caz said...

Love your new 'studio'! And your stitching is lovely!

woolwoman said...

WOW Roberta - your new digs are wonderful - LOVE that wall unit with all the cubbies - awesome! Your DT piece is gorgeous - one of my faves. Looks like you are making great progress on all your stitching projects. Hope to see you around blogland more often. Enjoy your weekend melody

Grit said...

Oh wie schön. so tolle Stickereien.
Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

Sheila said...

Great stitching....and I absolutely LOVE looking around your new studio area. Absolutely fantastic :)

Melanie said...

What a great area of your own!!!!! It's awesome. So jealous. lol

Great stitching too!!!! :)

Dona said...

Roberta, your new craft room is great! I know you will spend a lot of happy hours there.

Your SB and Drawn Thread pieces are beautiful. It is a good feeling to get some of those WIPs finished!

Glad you'll have more time in your new room now that you're not working.

Veronica said...

Beautiful stitching, Roberta.

What a wonderful studio. Definitely a spot to get your creative juice pumping. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new room

Gillie said...

Coo, can't sleep so having a little wander......and you are back, you were missed! Love the space!

Solstitches said...

I want to have a little holiday in your sewing room! It looks fabulous.
I didn't know you wqere stitching The Potting Shed.
It is beautiful. I don't know how you get as much stitching in as you do with your busy lifestyle.