Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life is not slowing down

But I am still working on some small things.

Below is from a mini workshop that my EGA group put on - it is a scissor fob using ribbon, beads and the anchor is a coffee stir straw with silver filler beads on the end.
Here is a photo of the full thing - pretty cute and clever.

Here is a small scissor holder with the newly made ribbon fob attached (cannot see fob)

Below is a lovely ornament that I received from Edgar from the HOE exchange group - this is just beautiful - stitched and finished with perfection - just love it.

This is the ornament that I sent along to my exchange partner - I just love the legs!!
Now this is a spider web that was over our driveway - it was really pretty, but luckily it was quite high up.

I belong to Ikebana International and below is my design from a workshop - design something using grapes!! I thought it looked pretty good and the instructor liked it, but did take away the chop sticks that where in the vase.

Can you believe that the Holidays are upon us - Halloween this weekend and then onto Thanksgiving and then Christmas - where does the time go???

Thanks for stopping by ------------- Roberta


Margaret said...

I love what you've been working on. That scissor fob is really neat. I hear you on life not slowing down. Seems like one thing after another, right? Hope you get more stitching time!

Solstitches said...

Lovely to see a post from you Roberta.
The fob you made is gorgeous as are the exchange pieces both given and received.
Yes, the year is flying past at an alarming rate.
Enjoy the holidays!


Caz said...

I really like the scissor fob! Are they easy to make??

Melanie said...

Ooo, I do like the scissor fob! It is clever.
Great exchange pieces too. :)

gracie said...

What a pretty scissor fob..on straw!

Nancy said...

I hope life slows down for you soon Roberta so you can enjoy all the things you love to do. Everything is lovely - I think the scissor fob is so pretty!

By the way, I think the design you are using on your blog, and the header picture, are gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

Great exchange pieces. And the fob you made is just beautiful.
Hopefully the pace of life will slow down a bit after your return.

DebbieSFL said...

Roberta, Hi, I am a member of the Canopy Oaks chapter in Tallahassee...and is there any chance that we could get directions or have someone from your group teach us the ribbon fob? It is just gorgeous.

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