Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well here is my 'orts' for this year!! I missed both April and May getting my TUSAL photos up. Now I am not sure what I should be showing - the smaller container is from the beginning of the year and the larger container is what I have put in these last two month. I think I need to change the containers!!!

So my question is do I show just what I did for the month or do I show what I have put into the jar year to date??
I have completed my ornaments for the months of April and May - will have photos in a day or two. Need to have May's ornament arrive at its destination - It was an exchange piece.

I am 2 months behind with my wash/dish cloths - hope to catch up this month by doing 3!!

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Margaret said...

I wasn't clear on that question either, Roberta. lol! But since I always use the same ort jar and just empty it out at the end of the year, I figured I'd just do that. I always have to squish it down more and more as the year goes by, but it works for me!

Stitching Noni said...

Well done on getting your ORT's up this month :-) Good to see they are multiplying!

I use the same jar all the time... although next year I plan to use two jar - one for the month and one for the whole year!

Nancy said...

Your jars look pretty Roberta!

I am behind on my ornaments too. I hope you can find some time to stitch and make your dishcloths soon!

Lynn B said...

Thankyou Roberta for the comment, I really enjoyed sewing this dress, I hope your sewing goes according to plan too.

Angela said...

My smaller jar is getting packed to the top too, so what I did for this month's ORT's is empty them into a bigger jar and just showed the ORT's from this month's stitching. I think next month I will just show the smaller jar with that month's ORT's in it. Hope this helps :)

Daffycat said...

It doesn't matter...whatever you want is fine. Some show just that months ORTs and some stuff it on top of one pile!