Friday, March 18, 2011

Today is the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival

Well, I am slowly getting use to the new computer and was able to download pictures from my camera.

Since today is the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival here in Macon, Georgia, I thought I would share part of what this is all about.

First, the newspaper is printed on "PINK" paper. Everything is "PINK" and everyone dresses in Pink and they serve Pink pancakes. It is truly a fun event and this year the weather has been so cooperative that the Cherry Blossoms are out and still busting out - will have more photos of trees tomorrow. I belong to the Ikebana of Middle Georgia group and we are invited every year to do arrangements in all of the rooms of this historic house - the Woodruff House.
Below are three photos of my designs which in located on the first floor sitting room.
The container above is a true Ikebana container.
The one below I found at TJMaxx and was hoping that chopsticks would fit in the holes - and yes they did, so it is truly a unique container.
The two designs above are sitting on the mantle and this design below is in the hearth.
Here is a photo of the whole look.

I will try to post some more photos of designs, but I need to ask permission of the other ladies who put designs in.

Thank you for visiting -- until later --- have a great weekend ----Roberta


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I love your arrangements ! They look wonderful in the room !

Anonymous said...

so fun !!!
newspaper, cakes in "pink"
Beautifull historic house!!
Arrangements perfect!!!

Nancy said...

The Cherry Blossom trees must look beautiful Roberta. Don't you love reading the news in the pink! And pink pancakes too - yum!

That is a beautiful historic house you did your Ikebana arrangements in. The one with the chopsticks is my favorite!

Solstitches said...

I love the idea of a cherry blossom festival.
Your arrangements are so elegant.
Those pink lilies are so very pretty.


Melanie said...

Heee! I love the pink newspaper!! What fun!!
The arrangements are just beautiful. Looks like a great room to sit back and relax.

Anonymous said...

I bet the cherry blossom looks beautiful and fancy having pink pancakes. Your arrangemnts are a delight I love them all. Thank you for sharing and so pleased you can put pictures up on your new baby.

Hugs and Crosses,

Carol said...

Oh, your arrangements are just lovely, Roberta! And what an amazing house--is it quite old? You'll have to give us a "tour" some day.

MoonBeam said...

All this sounds really cool and springy. Especially when we are expecting snow later in the week!

Bobbi - in Cleveland

Erna said...

Oh sounds great to me everything Pink my favourite colour....Love your pictures
Erna xx

Siobhán said...

Oh, how neat! I truly didn't know that any place other than DC was into the cherry blossom thing. Beautiful arrangements!