Monday, February 28, 2011

Finishes, kitties and the yard

This has been a busy, crazy month for me, but I did manage to get stitching done and some pieces finished, as well as, getting some work done in the yard.

I finished up this ornament last nite while watching the Oscars - so now I have my February ornament done - need to pick what I will stitch for my March ornament.
I have managed to also knit and crochet two more wash/dishcloths. This is also another goal of mine for this year - a wash/dishcloth a month.Finished putting this strawberry together - it was stitched last year!!! Time does seem to fly, I have about 5 or 6 more of these!!!
Now I have finally finished BBD's Tis the Season!!! I started this last year in hope of having it done for Christmas 2010 - WELL, it didn't happen, but it is finished now and I just love it.
The Cardinal is just so beautiful and it was a fun area to stitch, the leaves on the other hand where not my favorite things to work on.Now for some kittie photos - Ms Saddles and Mars helping me with my sewing.
I brought the sewing machine down to the kitchen because I had a lot of machine work to do and I needed to work on the machine inbetween cooking and doing other household things.
Now here is Natsuki and Ms Saddles with Ginger in the background. They are sitting on my ironing board in the kitchen, watching everything I am doing. They do try to help out!! LOL
Now we have Natsuki doing her high railing act.
This just drives my husband crazy - he is fearful that she will fall!
Now here is Blackie - one of the outside feral cats, she is watching the birds on the ground eating the seeds that fell from the feeder.
Here is a quick snap of one of the birds - a Tit Mouse.Here are the pretty faces of the Pansys - they are just so sweet poking out of the leaves.
A shot of the side yard, the bushes starting to green up.
Bought myself a Pink Dogwood. Also have some potting to do.
Another shot of the yard - front side - Spring is in the air!
Well, I must say if you have managed to stay with me on this post - thank you!!! As I have said in the past, my computer time is so limited now that I am working, that I needed to get in as much as I could in this one shot. I am able to read blogs sometimes during work, but I am not always commenting - do not want to push my luck!!!

Thanks for stopping by - Enjoy the week ---- Roberta


barbara said...

Spring looks much more advanced where you are than it is here. (They're sending the kids home from school today because of a snowstorm!)

You have some gorgeous kitties, and I love your yard. I hope to finish of a strawberry ornament today from Niky's Designs. :)

Edgar said...

What a super finish!! Love the kittie snaps!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What lovely pusscats you have, I just adore that little fellow hanging over the rail. If I'm being honest I'd be like your husband, I wouldn't be able to relax in case puss took a tumble. One of ours did exactly that many years ago and had to be rushed to the vet! She was fine though.

gracie said...

Love your stitching...I have not done a strawberry yet...will have to get a pattern...the kitties are so adorable and the of my favs...are lovely...yes, Spring is really on the way. Thanks for sharing...

Margaret said...

Beautiful stitching! Love it! I can't believe you already have things sprouting there! We're waiting for all the snow to disappear here. lol! The kitties are adorable. I don't blame your DH for worrying about Natsuki falling -- scary!!

wranglerkate said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us! I love the shot of Saddles on the railing! I've seen pictures of the big cats in Africa in similar poses on the savannah. It must be in the genes!!

Sheila said...

Love all the photos of the cats, especially the rail-hanging one :)
And love Tis The Season...that is on my To-Do List - hopefully for this year!

Gwen said...

Hi Roberta,
Great job on your finishes. What is your new Christmas in July project going to be?

The yard is also looking good already. I am glad that the weather here has been getting better,but I am not ready for yard work yet.

Karen said...

Very nice finishes! Love the BBD.... very pretty finish.

Love the pics of spring... so glad it is on its way.

marylin said...

vos photos sont fantastiques !
amitiés de France

Nancy said...

All of your stitched projects are so pretty Roberta. I love that strawberry! How fun that you're knitting a dishcloth a month too.

Your kitties are so pretty. I love how they have the same expression in the one picture staring right at the camera!

Enjoy your gardening. Spring is definitely on the way, and I'm so glad!

Carol said...

Oh, you have pansies! I'm so envious--I just love their little "faces."

Beautiful work, Roberta, and the cats are pretty darn cute, too :)

Julia said...

just love your BBD 'Tis the Season' - that red is stunning!

Love Julia x

Veronica said...

Beautiful finishes! Your kitties are so cute. Especially love the one on the railing.

Joy said...

Roberta!! Congrats on your wonderful finishes!!! Your strawberry is absolutely perfect..finish the others so I can see! LOL

Teresa said...

I always welcome a little kitty help myself.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Siobhán said...

Great pictures, Roberta! I can see Spring making its way to your house. :) Love the kitty pics!

Congratulations on the finishes! I want to do, oh, just everything in your pictures. I have wanted to do a strawberry or five for awhile--they'd be so nice to display, especially during Spring/Summer. Your BBD piece is GORGEOUS! I want to do that one, too. The cardinal is so pretty.

Brigitte said...

I can't believe that there are already pansies in your garden. So lovely and so much spring. Here there are already snowdrops and some crocuses in the more protected places of some gardens, but not in ours. It's still very cold during the days and frosty during the nights. We'll have to wait a bit more.
A great finish! This cardinal is so beautiful and one day I'll stitch it too. One day, lol.
My ornaments are not finished yet, all of them in a different state of unfinishedness, lol. I'm completely carried away by my spring stitching - bunnies and tulips and bunnies ...

Solstitches said...

Wow Roberta! You've been very busy with all of these projects.
I adore that strawberry - must attempt one of those before too long.
Tis the Season is gorgeous and well done on staying on top of the monthly ornament SAL.
Your yard is very pretty and the cats are cute.