Sunday, April 18, 2010

And Yes, more yard pictures and one stitching picture

Here is Sanctuary, I have not been a good stitcher with this piece, but I still hope to get it finished by the end of May!!!
So why haven't I been a good stitcher, you might ask!!??

We have been having lots of work done in our yard. Last year, if you remember, a huge tree fell in our yard, well they finally took it away. We have been having beautiful non rainy weather so the tree removal company was able to come and cut the tree up and move it out of the yard.

Because of all the rain we had, we lost a lot of our lawn on the side of the house and in the backyard.

So without any further ado here is my new backyard, plants are little but they will get big quickly and there is still plenty of room for me to plant more things!! ;o)))
Here is a 'pink knockout rose' up close and personal - isn't she pretty!!
This one is the reddish one.
Here is the pink bush.
This is the front of the house as it goes down the side of the house.
We had the landscaper terrace the side yard and look what they did - they added stairs in the wall and then found large rocks in our back bushy area and made stepping stairs.
I just love this and there is still so much room for planting!!
Here we are at the bottom of the side yard - I just love the look and I know it will look great once the plants become established and when I add new plants.
Found this great 'hose keeper' pot at Sam's Club and thought what a great place for your hose and good looking for the garden!!All and all - DH, DD and I are very pleased with the landscaping job and how nice our yard is starting to look. Still have much to do, but it will have to wait until May.

Thanks for visiting - have a terrific week - Roberta


Margaret said...

Your yard is looking so pretty! Good for you for doing so much work on it! I love your Sanctuary!

Siobhan said...

They did a nice job on the landscaping, Roberta! Lots of room for plantings. :) Love the progress on Sanctuary!

Brigitte said...

Your garden is such a beauty, Roberta. It must be a pleasure to walk around and admire all the trees and bushes and flowers.
I love Sanctuary, I once kitted it up and started stitching on it but then stopped because something else got in the way. I'll take it up again when some of my older WIPs are finished. By then yours will be finished by long, lol.