Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Busy September

Hi All, just a quick note to let you know that I am still around but have been busy with the Needlework Exhibition at Bulloch Hall in Roswell, GA. Went to the Yellow Daisy Festival that same weekend, then worked as a docent on Saturday and several of my stitching friends, from Miami, who have moved or traveled to Georgia, got together for lunch. It was a great time and a wonderful weekend.

The next Thursday was off to Athens for a "Beaded Bead" workshop and then off to a "girl" weekend with friends in North Carolina!! The travel from Athens, GA to NC was terrible what with the torrential rains. I continued on since I was closer to NC than to my house (Athens is half way between). The weekend was a great one despite the rain, went to a play on Saturday nite, watched movies, ate, drank, did a bit of shopping when the weather was clear and also visited with other friends and went to an Artisan Exhibit. Came home on Tuesday and then off to work on Wednesday and today, Another workshop!!! This one with Diane Clements from California. Today was 'Drawn Work' and tomorrow and Saturday will be Reticello work.

On Monday, I teach a class at the cancer workshop at the Wellness Center here in Macon, so needless to say - I have NO TIME!!!

There is still more happening, but I need to get to my sewing room and get ready for tomorrow's class.

Will have pictures and more explainations hopefully sometime next week --- oh yeah, I work on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - then off to a stitchin on Friday in Columbus, GA!!

I know, I'm nuts - but sure am learning lots - hope to get the lots done!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.



Sharlotte said...

I absolutely LOVE your BBD stitching /project keeper! It is gorgeous! I stitch a lot but I have never done anything that was quite that piece.I must start wracking my brain! Lovely stitching on the other pieces also.Glad I stopped by.

Nancy said...

I'm out of breath Roberta! You are a busy bee, but it sounds like you are enjoying that. I look forward to seeing all your projects when you post them on your blog. Hope you share something from the bead workshop for us to see. Take care, and don't go too fast!

Sherry said...

I hope you had fun in NC. Where all did you go? I would have loved to meet up with you if it had been at another time when things weren't so crazy around here!

Dona said...

Roberta, sounds like you are having lots of fun and enjoying your travels!

I look forward to seeing your bead workshop results.

angelasweby said...

What a whirlwind life you lead...haha! It sounds so exciting too.
I looked up Reticello work and it's so pretty :>)
Good luck with the class on Monday.
I can't wait to read your update.
Warm hugs Angela