Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas decorations

Here is the newest tree to our household. It is a woodland tree with pinecones and very spacey branches. This is the downstairs entryway and there just needed to be a tree there to greet guests.In the dining room is the aluminum tree. This was a birthday present to my husband many years ago. Dear friends, Diane and Mildred, were poking around in an antique shop in Pennsylvania and found this and knew who to give this tree too. My husband has cherished this tree and very lovingly puts it up and takes it down. It still has the original branch storage sleeves and newspaper wrapping/stuffing.
Was out and about doing errands when my friend Dorothy and I came across a craft setup near a Joann Fabric store. This angel was sitting there (along with several other angel friends) She is made from an old hymnal. The pages are folded to create her dress and the wings are folded from the beginning and ending pages. I just love her! She is perfect for my piano.
On one of my yahoo groups, several of the girls are doing an ornament a month (or more!!)SAL. This is what I have stitched and finished so far this month. Hope to have anothe one stitched by Christmas day eve!!!Below, is a pair of socks that I knitted for my sister for Christmas, she is also getting the above ornament. Merry Christmas Jeansy!! HOPE EVERYONE IS ENJOYING THE HOLIDAY SEASON. MY BEST WISHES FOR A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON FOR YOU ALL.

Thank you for dropping by for a visit. Roberta


Nancy said...

Merry Christmas Roberta! I hope you and your family have a very special time. Your decorations are so pretty, and I love your angel! Beautiful socks and beautiful Believe for your sister!

Nancy said...

Your trees are both so nice. We have a tree like that in the attic that George has had for many years, even the color wheel. I hope it is still ok. I need to get it out and check it.
Your socks are so neat and the ornament also.
I hope you are having a great Christmas day.

Gwen said...

Hi Roberta,
Happy Holidays! Your decorations are very nice, love the tress and ornaments.
Hope to see you more in the new year.

Caroline said...

Merry Christmas, dear Roberta! Your home is always the most Christmasy--Terry is such a joy to have around the holidays. Your hymnal angel is a treasure. I remember making those little as little trees out of The Reader's Digest to hold the Christmas cards we received each year!! Thanks for the memories! Hope you have a wonderful 2009.
Love always,

Bobbie said...

Hello Roberta,

I have visited your blog since you started it and followed your move from Florida to Georgia. Although I don't write often, I do follow along. Your home is beautiful and I especially love George's tree. I grew up with a white aluminum tree (my Dad worked for an aluminum manufacturer) and the color the time I would have died for a "real green tree" but now look at your little tree with the most wonderful memories. I enjoyed viewing your lovely birthday gifts as well as the beautiful gifts for your sister. Best wishes for the new year and I look forward to more posts!

Jeanne said...

Hope you had a nice Christmas Roberta and belated birthday greetings! I love the aluminum tree - my older brother found an old color wheel at an antique store like we had as kids, now all he needs is the aluminum tree to go with it! I love vintage Christmas items. Happy New Year and blessings in 2009!

angelasweby said...

Your trees are just beautiful. I can see why your DH loves the silver tree. it's so vintage looking and I really love the idea of something with special meaning coming into use year after year.

I have to say that my eye has definitely been caught by your angel. She is breathtaking and being made out of a hymnal is so unusual and perfect really!!. She is continuously singing the praises :>)
Warm hugs Angela

Denise said...


I LOVE that angel!!! I'm going to have to make one of those. It is similar to the Chritmas Trees I used to make as a kid from old Reader's Digest magazines (when they used to be thick!!!) Great stuff!