Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Books I have purchased

Well, I am busy packing away and realized that I had forgot to tell you all about some wonderful books that I had purchased at a huge "used" book sale that is put on each year by the "friends of the library". As many of you know people donate books to the library for them to sell and earn much needed money to keep the library system up to par.

Well, this book sale was so big that I never got very far before I had my money that I had designated to spend was gone!! I started just poking around and found the "craft table" where there was books on every imaginable hobbie one could think of - from stitching to woodworking to auto mechanics. Well, I found some wonderful stitching books and several of them are classics and are out of print and I know that I have them already back in Florida. But if so I will just redonate them back to the library of give them to the EGA stash to stash fundraiser.

Well, just behind the craft table of books was the children's books and lo and behold there was a Beatrix Potter book - so an intense search through the childrens tables produced several Beatrix Potter books. The prices were very reasonable and the books were not all in good condition but thought I might be able to use them somehow in a display with the finished and framed sampler (which is still not framed yet!!!)

Well back to packing - coffee break and e-mail break is over!!

Closing is tomorrow - moving is Friday morning!!! Yeah!!
With friendship, fabric and fibers,

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Nancy said...

Oh great that you are closing and moving in. Lots of work, but also lots of fun. Your books look wonderful. Have a great Easter.