Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What I am stitching at the moment

Hi All,
Just a quick note to show you what I have been working on.
Below is the Berry Box Sampler by Perwinkle Promises.
This was a class I took at Callaway Gardens NeedleArts School in January.
I have put it down for the moment, but will pickit up again this weekend.
Below is Lounging Hare by Patrick Woods, I have all the stitching elements done except for the Hare that is in the picture below.  Still have to put in the grass and flowers, hoping to have this done this weekend. 

Not sure why this photo below came upside down, but it is baby caps that I knit at night when watching TV (actually watching; some shows are just listening shows and I can stitch with those shows!!) These will go to a hospital for the tiny wee ones that are born early. 
Could not leave without showing you my sweet little Miss Saddles, she is quite the lap cat and sits while I stitch or knit in the evenings.  At night she sleeps on me when I am sleeping!! 
Here is DH Terry, watching TV with little Gingersnap.  As you can see she really has made herself comfortable; its like having a baby in your arms. 
Bought these tulips last week when the snow and ice was around, needed to have a bit of spring sitting in the window.  Of course this week, the weather has been just gorgeous - 60's and low 70's. 
Thank you all for stopping by, due hope the weather is improving wherever you are in the country or the world.


Dirty Martini Queen said...

Your stitching is just amazing but the bunnies are my favorite. They are just so tiny. And the tulips just make me smile as I'm sure they do you as well.

Margaret said...

Beautiful stitching! Lovely baby hats too! lol about your cat -- I love how she sacks out like that! Such a cutie! I'm so envious of your temperatures. Sigh.

Carol said...

Oh, I just love that teeny, tiny hare that you've stitched, Roberta! Both pieces are going to be wonderful...

I can't believe you are having temperatures that high. Ours reached 45 today and felt positively balmy out :) I do hope it helps our snow melt quickly!!

hazel said...

Looking forward to seeing lounging hare assembled it is sure to be a winner.

Your cats are so part of your happy family.

Yes Roberta spring is coming my daffodils are already to burst, saw a garden full of them yesterday and they really did say spring is coming to me.

Hugs and stitches,
Hazel c uk

Brigitte said...

Everything looks so great, Roberta. Particularly the little rabbit.
I also buy flowers when everything is white with snow outside.

Gwen said...

You have been a busy lady. Congrats on your progress on Lounging Hare.