Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reading, Stitching and knitting

This past month I have been in Ohio helping out my sister, Jean, who had a knee replacement. We have had a wonderful time once she was clear of the powerful meds. I go home on Sunday and though I will miss my time with my DSis, I am looking forward to seeing my family and getting back into my routine.

While here in Ohio, I have read books - found this older Victoria Holt book at a book exchange, it was a good read - I remember reading her when I was younger. One of my new favorite writers is Mariah Stewart and of course I love Nora Roberts and Julie Garwood. I haven't read so many books in such a short time since I cannot remember when!!!?? ;o))
Below is the Sarah Tobias needleroll that I am working on with several other gals.
I have been working deligently on my Quaker Christmas - this is also a SAL with a couple of stitchers from FTLOS group -hoping to have this done by September.
I also have been knitting, I already finished a scraf and started a new one and have been working on a pair of socks. Hope I have this much time to stitch, knit and read when I get home!! ;O)Hope everyone is enjoying spring!! the sun finally has come out here in Ohio and I have opened some windows to let in the fresh air.

Happy Stitching and thanks for visiting ---- Roberta


Nancy said...

Your stitching is lovely Roberta - this is the first photo I've seen of Quaker Christmas, and it's beautiful. Pretty yarn you are using! Isn't it wonderful to open windows and smell the fresh air?

staci said...

Reading, stitching and knitting sound pretty perfect to me...just throw in a cup of coffee and maybe a brownie ;)

Brigitte said...

Oh Roberta, you were busy with some of the most wonderful pastimes while giving good care to your sister.
Your Sarah Tobias needleroll looks terrific on that fabric. I wish I had already stitched up all the parts but I'm still stitching on the first section (in between exchanges). I'm looking forward to seeing progress pictures of Quaker Christmas.

Siobhan said...

Great WIPs, Roberta! I love your Sarah Tobias NR.

I love the authors that you mentioned, in particular Nora Roberts and Mariah Stewart.

doris said...

Roberta, thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words. I love your projects. That ST needleroll has been calling to me for a while. And of course, I'm wild for your socks. You and Staci are gonna force me into learning to knit them.

Nancy said...

I love the greens you are using on your sampler. I used to read Victoria Holt all the time and still have some of her books. I need to clear out for my bookcases. The socks are going to be neat.
Sorry we didn't manage to meet this trip,
glad you had fun with your sister.
Have a safe trip home.

Redwitch said...

Thanks for stopping by :)

I love your ST needleroll, I have that kitted up. Quaker Christmas is very tempting too.

Glad your sister's recovery is going well, you read lots!

Tanya said...

I really like you BBD needleroll & WIP Quaker Christmas. I enjoyed looking at your pictures of Farmers, they have some cool items.

Shari said...

hi Roberta! Thought I would follow your blog link from your post!!! I loved viewing the photos. I want to go to the shop in Ohio!!! Too cute!!!
I am working on Quaker Christmas as well!!!!! A small group on Indiana gals are doing a SAL!

angelasweby said...

Welcome home :>) It's so nice to catch up with all your news and see how your stitching is progressing. I love Sarah Tobias and your QC. What fantastic progress.
Warm hugs, Angela

Solstitches said...

Reading, Stitching and Knitting. It doesn't get any better than that so far as I'm concerned.
Victoria Holt is a blast from the past for me :) I couldn't get enough of her books when I was younger.
I love Dorothy Garlock books when I can get hold of them - haven't heard of Mariah Stewart but I will check on Amazon.
I love your sock yarn! That's a very pretty mix.
Quaker Christmas is gorgeous and, of course, Flowers for Sarah.
I love the fabric you found for the needleroll.

Anonymous said...