Saturday, March 14, 2009

Have been out of town and crazy busy

This is just a quick HELLO to let you all know that I am still here in blogger land. Just returned from a trip to Florida with DH, Terry, and now need to get ready to head to my sister's in Ohio.

During the month of February I worked 2 days a week at the LNS while the owner went to 'market', went on a trip with her husband and then off she went to stitching seminar. I also have been looking for a job (not going well in these tough times!!), have applied for a job and I do have an interview on Monday, but they had 50 applications and I haven't worked in over 20 years - but have volunteered lots!! I did pass the phone interview, hence, the face to face on Monday. Will give more info Monday.

Of course, the weather has been warm then cold, warm than, cold --- so I am trying to get out into the yard as much as possible. Needless to say, my computer has been ignored!! I was slowly catching up with messages and I am almost caught up.

I have several pictures and things to say before I head to my sisters - so I am hoping to get them on this blog before I go.

Now, why you ask, are you going to your sister??? She is having 'knee replacement' surgery on the 25 of March. I am going up there on the 21st of March and will return on the 19th of April. I am taking my laptop and I am hoping that I can log on to her wireless network - of course she and I are as computer literate as fish on a beach!!!! I am hoping that my nephew will be able to talk me onto the network from college!!! If so then I will be able to blog and read my messages.

Sorry that there is no pictures, but did want to say HI to you all and let you know that I will be posting some stitching and gardening pictures hopefully all this week.

Again I really love that you all do drop in to visit - THANK YOU!!! Roberta


Jill said...

Hi Roberta, did you get my RAK in the mail?

mainely stitching said...

Glad to hear from you, Roberta. I wish your sister all the best with her upcoming surgery!

Siobhan said...

Best of luck to your sister with her surgery. Safe travels & blog when you can! ;)

Nancy said...

Hope your trip to Florida went well Roberta. Travel safe to your sister's, and best of luck to her with her surgery. She is lucky to have you around - I'm sure you will be a cheerful relief!

hazel said...

Good Luck with the job Roberta. Hope everything goes well with your sister, she will certainly need some TLC when she comes home from hospital. Keep in touch if you can.
Warm hugs,
Hazel UK)

Maggie said...

Good luck with the interview & good luck to your sister too with her surgery, my mum had Knee replacement a few years ago now, they get you up and around as soon as they can!