Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flower Designs

Hi all, haven't meant to be away for so long, but have been trying to get some "wip's" caught up.

I have so much to share so will try to post a little something each day this coming week.

Below are 2 designs I did at an Ikebana workshop here in Macon. The workshop was to help prepare the members for the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival at the end of March.

This design below is sitting in my 1/2 bath off the kitchen. So far the 3 cats haven't noticed it!!!The Ikebana guild decorates one of the historic home with flower arrangements during the festival. Unfortunately, I will be away, so I will not be able to put an arrangement in the house.
This arrangement (3 pictures) is sitting in the guest bathroom and again, no kitties have noticed it!!

Over the next few day, I will show some of the finishes I have done and some birthday presents that I have received (my birthday is in December) I just love how the birthday thing just goes on and on and on. I also had entered a blog give away and want to share what I received with you all so that is also coming up.

Today my new yard man started and I think I am going to really like him. He is very knowlegdeable and had some wonderful ideas to help enhance the yard even more that it already is. He is also very reasonably priced!!! My previous lawn man, was very nice, but really had no knowledge and was a bit pricey and didn't seem to do much when he came. Now I know it is winter - but I have an acre of land with lots of leaves and branches that need to be picked up and clear out the underbrush, part of the agreement to keep the lawn man employed during the winter.

My hydrangers are already budding as is the Cherry Blossom trees. Some of my camillias are looking OK, but they got a bit of frost bite from the cold from a week ago.

Well enought chatter --- Thanks for stopping by ------ Roberta


Maggie said...

Lovely arrangements, hope the cats won't 'discover' them for a while at least!
I look forwward to seeing your finishes.

mainely stitching said...

Just LOVE the flowers. Makes me feel all spring-y. :D

Nancy said...

Your flower arrangements are pretty Roberta, and they really add a nice touch to the bathrooms. My kitties would have bits and pieces all over the place!

Fran├žoise said...

lovely arrangements!!!!

Nancy said...

I like the vase you have the top arrangement in. I hope the cats don't find them. I hope this means spring is on the way.

Michelle said...

Your Ikebana are lovely! What a fun thing to do!

Solstitches said...

What beautiful flower arrangements.
It's so nice to see such lovely splashes of colour.
Yes, I do believe Spring is on the way.

Brigitte said...

Those flower arrangements are truely beautiful. And daffodils, how wonderful. If the stores weren't closed by now I'd buy some immediately, I just need some flowers around me, too. Or maybe I'll stitch some, lol.

Anonymous said...

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