Tuesday, December 4, 2007

View from our apartment

Well, here is a view from our apartment here in Macon, Georgia. I also, put the cupcake pincushion as part of the view.

Today, I will be going with a realtor to look at houses on a more serious basis. I am looking forward to this.


Nancy said...

Good luck with your realtor and congratulations on the pin cushion.

Nancy said...

What a gorgeous view Roberta!

I see you are sharing you pin cushion. Congratulations on being a winner!

Christine said...

Love the pincushion! Heidi makes the most fantastic pincushions.

Nice view! Hmmm I am trying to think where I know Macon from? Macon County sounds familiar. A movie, a book?

Love little Gunthar too. Too cute!

Hope your day was special.