Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Autumn in North Carolina

My life has been so hectic for the last few month, it seems that I never have time to write on my blog. At the moment I am in North Carolina helping out my friend who has had knee surgery. Though my husband and I are in the process of moving to Macon, Georgia and since the move was quick in coming, I am sort of in limbo trying to complete several things that were planned.

My girlfriend, Jackie, is doing great, she is up and about walking with a cane and doing her exercises with great agility. We even took a short drive to have lunch out and to stop at the drugstore to get more pain meds. It was good for her to get out of the house, but it did tire her out.

My main purpose though is to walk her 8 month old doxie puppy, Gunther. I do this about 5 times a day. Now mind you I live in flat!!! Florida and my girlfriend lives in the mountains. Walking was definitely a challenge for me. It has been 11 days and I am actually walking up hill with good speed and plenty of breath - finally. Gunther is a miniature dauchsand (SP?), but he loves to run with the big dogs. I am hoping to get some pictures of that one of these days.

I am finding time to stitch, mostly working on Halloween things and finishing up my Beatrix Potter Samper.

Will try to stay more on top of my daily events now that I have a bit of time and not traveling about.

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Solstitches said...

Roberta you have been such a five star friend to your friend who needed your help.
You must be feeling fit as a fiddle after all the dog walking etc.
Looking forward to seeing pics of your finished Beatrix Potter. I wish I had stayed with the programme!