Friday, May 25, 2007

Stitching, stash, beading and cats

This morning I thought I should show some of the stitching part of my garden. The little book was stitched for me by a friend from FTLOS group it is stitched on celery gingham linen and it says GIRLFRIENDS at the top. I just love it. The stitched needleroll is from Lynda from the May Day exchange - it is very lovely. The other needleroll is done in the French Hand Sewing technique ( a mini workshop I taught for my EGA group) The brown Biscornu was stitched for me by my dear friend Diane who lives in Mt. Dora, Florida - the other two Biscornu were stitched by me. The little bag is Filet Lace which was a class taught by Adrienne Meyer. I made two of these - one is framed and I made a bag with the other.

Now since I could not get a good picture of the Black Squirell in Kent, Ohio - My DH bought me this little guy.

I also have put up some pictures of my beading and some of the stash I have accumulated recently. I am now set for life!!!! 'o)))

Our cats decided they needed to be helpful with the picture set up.

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Nancy said...

Beautiful needlework finishes, nice stash, and I LOVE your gorgeous kitties!