Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some finishes

Well, I am happy to say that I have finished 4 ornaments for the month of January.

Below is a freebie from Sandy.
The next 3 ornament Raindeers are from Sharon at DaffyCat, they are so cute, and a fun and quick stitch.

I love to make washcloths/dishcloths as gifts for friends. Below is a pattern I did this past month it says "Happy 2011".
These 3 little heart squares are for a neo natal unit at an area hospital - the mother wears the square for a day or 2 and then when the infant is born it is placed in the incubator with them and the smell of the Mom is present with the baby.
Now you all know that I can stitch or knit or whatever at work on occasion when it isn't busy, well it has finally slowed down at work and I was able to knit two scarves using the PomPom yarn from Michael's. One of the girls at work loved the scarf and wanted to learn to knit one, but I thought learning to knit with pompoms might be a bit overwhelming so I will make her her scarf this coming week. DD, Lindsay also loved the scarf - her pompom yarn is the pink one shown.
Both of these scarves where knitted on #8 needles, but you can use any size on up. I casted on 8 stitches on the brown one and 10 on the purple one. Just knit as usual pushing the pompom out of the way - usually I was able to get 2 stitches between each pompom, but sometimes 3 stitches and once in a while only one.

Well, need to go and work on some other projects that need to be done - one is a WIP and the other is a new start.

You can see on my side board the list of new and wips that I want to do this year.

Thank you for dropping by -- will put up some photo's of the Callaway classes in the next day or two.



gracie said...

love the squares for the mom and baby..what a wonderful idea.

Myra said...

This has been a productive month for you. Your ornaments look great and I just love the red cloth. The heart squares are such a great idea. Can't wait to see what you do in February. :o)

Daffycat said...

Awww, you stitched my reindeer! They look fabulous, Roberta!

The scent squares are wonderful. What a lovely idea!

Margaret said...

What a lot of finishes for you this month! Wow! The heart squares for the moms is such a great idea. Those pom pom scarves -- so unusual! Love the ornies!

hazel said...

Some lovely finishes Roberta, the scarves are very popular here in the UK and I have knitted several. Like the idea of the little Mum squares.

Thanks for sharing,
Hugs and Crosses,
Hazel C (UK)

Sherry said...

great finishes! The ornaments are adorable and heart squares are wonderful!

Melanie said...

Lots of great stuff here!
I've never seen that yarn before in the stores but it looks like fun. I like the way the scarves turned out. :)

Erna said...

Love all your finishes...I wish I could find the right mood for the Christmas projects :)

Nancy said...

Nice finishes Roberta! I love the thread you used to stitch Noel, and the reindeer are so graceful looking. The pink hearts are such a wonderful idea for the babies, and I love the scarfs. The pom pom yard stitches up beautiful!

Susan said...

Those heart squares are beautiful - what a lovely idea.

You've made some nice progress on ornaments! I was planning to stitch an ornament a month last year, and only ended up stitching one!

Siobhan said...

Wow Roberta, you've been busy! Your ornaments are fantastic, and I love the heart squares. Great job!

Carol said...
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Carol said...

What a lot of goodies you have to share with us, Roberta! Everything looks wonderful. Have never heard of the idea about the little heart squares--how special!