Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots to tell - no pictures!!

Hi all, Sorry for not being around and so much for my New Year's Resolution to keep up with my blog weekly!!

April was a busy month spending the weekends at different places = Atlanta with friends to attend a beading gathering, a few days later lunch at the Swan Restaurant and a tour at the History Center with the sampler group. We visited there storage area where antique clothing, furnishings, and some samplers were being preserved. Quite an interesting set up, with the way they do the lighting (low), air conditioning and the wrapping/covering of articles.

Then the next weekend was the neighborhood yard sale, which was a huge success and it was amazing how much of our clothing that sold, usually do not sell that much of that.

Moving onto the 4th weekend of the month was a Stitching Beach Retreat at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida, this was quite a fun event - each stitcher had to bring 4 WIPS and each one was numbered 1-4. Every morning after breakfast you picked a card and whatever number you picked that was the project you stitched on. Then after lunch the same thing. We did have time for shopping - there is a great outlet mall, an outdoor high end mall and many antique shops nearby - way too much to do. No stitching shops, however, but there were 2 knitting shops a bit of a drive away.

Now the nice part about this weekend other than looking out to the Gulf of Mexico, stitching, eating (lots of snacky things), laughing and fellowship, is that each meal is prepared by a small group of the attendees. I was with the 3 gals I drove down with and we prepared Saturday lunch, which was salad with lots of goodies to put into it.

It was a great 4 days and was home long enough to get the laundry done and the house back in order - then off again to Columbus, GA to a workshop with Sherry Jones of Patrick's Wood. We put together the pocket for Hare Pyns and then we prepared part of the finishing for Fair Charlotte which is another little sewing pouch.

In between all of this, we are sitting in the bleachers for our daughter soft ball games - she works at Geico Insurance and is on team.

Today, DH and I head down to Florida to help our friend Diane and her Mom, Mildred, move to Macon. This will be great that they will be close, both are avid stitchers.

So if that was not enough - start work once again at the college bookstore for 3 weeks, which is good!! because after that DH, Terry and I are heading to ITALY AND FRANCE!!!

Yes, we are going to Italy where DH has been invited to make a presentation on "Developing a progressive IT curriculum" for college students. I am so out of control about this and have been this past several weeks.

After the presentation, we will take the train to France and will stop to visit with a dear internet friend in Vichy and then off to Paris for a few days.

We have tapes/CD's on how to learn Italian and French - a quick course - I am hoping this older brain will absorb some of these languages.

Well, I need to go and finish loading the car for out trip to Florida - I hope to pop in now and then with some pictures and some stitching news. I have been good about stitching, beading, quilting, or knitting everyday. I do try to do one of these things daily in hopes that some things will finally get finished!!

If you made it this far - Thank you- I hope to be better at keeping in touch - I have been trying to keep up with my blogger friends, but I have not been leaving messges, but know I do love to read what everyone is doing and working on.

Until next time - Which I am hoping will be my 3 Anniversary Giveaway!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone --- thankyou for visiting. ==== Roberta


Paoletta said...

I hope you'll enjoy your italian trip!
Paoletta (fram Italy)

Margaret said...

Wow, you've been busy! I wish I could take that Hare Pyns class. And Italy and France! How exciting! I'm totally envious! Have fun in Florida helping with the move!

Carolien said...

Hello Roberta,

You are a very busy bee but it sounds like fun ;)
Have a great time in France and Italy!!!
Your header is beautiful, by the way ...

Hugs, Carolien

Marsha said...

ooohhh Italy and France. how lucky can a girl be?!? Sounds like a wonderful spring you are having.

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

You will have a great time in France and Italy.

A neighbor was just telling us yesterday about his trip to Italy (he stayed 5 months), he said the food was amazing.

Looking forward to some lovely pictures (and maybe some French and Italian stitching stash).

Brigitte said...

Your stitching retreat sounds absolutely wonderful and you seem to have spent a great 4 days there.
And oh Roberta, a trip to Europe is ahead. Visiting Italy and France will be so great!!! Visiting and travelling in Europe certainly is the same for you as visiting the US and travelling there is for me. So I can understand your excitement. Have fun planning your trip.

Gillie said...

Green with envy about your trip! Have a lovely time and we will need photographs! I'm in England right now which is looking quite beautiful (probably a bit like Georgia) lots of spring flowers and blossom trees

Ellen said...

Have a great trip--I'm green with envy....

Kathy said...

Oh my you have been busy. And it sounds like you will be for some time. :) Italy and France. Enjoy and don't worry too much about the language. Most Europeans speak english any way. :)

Looking forward to the photos.

Fran├žoise said...

We wait you

angelasweby said...

What an exciting whirl of events. The class must have been fantastic. It's such a stunning project.
Your stitching, helping friends and all your exciting travelling must give you so much satisfaction and soon you'll be heading off to Italy and France. Now that really is going to be a wonderful trip. I hope you take lots of photos and have a wonderful time.
Angela xx

Lynn B said...

Hello Roberta,

Thankyou for the lovely comment on my Ice Cream Sundae finish.
Gosh you have been busy, I hope you enjoyed your travels!


woolwoman said...

I sure wish I could have come to the Hare Pyns class - my friend from our local sampler guild "ellen" was there. I will see her progress on Saturday! that retreat at the beach sounds heavenly and the trip to Italy and France will be a dream - Enjoy all your travels - Melody