Thursday, March 4, 2010


I finished 'Spring Row' by Bent Creek and as mentioned in a previous post - I could not find the buttons that went with this piece. So, of course, I started to question if I really did buy the buttons (for I had bought this chart years ago!!) You know old age is definitely creeping in! ;o)) So I decided to do a little bit of cleaning out of some drawers in the sewing room and lo and behold --- BUTTONS!!!
Below is the fabrics that I will be using to make this into a pillow. Now, of course, I wanted this to be done last weekend, but since I couldn't find the buttons - it didn't get done - so I will finish this up this coming weekend.
So any idea as to when 'spring' will be here??

Have a great day and Thanks for visiting - I am off to go stitching with friends.



Margaret said...

Glad you found the buttons -- don't you hate it when you can't find something like that? I love your piece -- such a pretty green fabric and great stitching! And the fabrics for the pillow finishing -- nice!

angelasweby said...

You've found your buttons, yippee, and i've found Spring, it was hiding here all along...haha!

Thank goodness you found your buttons, i know that, did I, didn't I, feeling only too well :>) At least, doing the cleaning proved to be worthwhile.

And, yes, for the last three days, Spring has been visiting us here in Bedford. The sun is shining and the primroses and snowdrops have put in an appearance. I'm not saying it's warm but it is definitely bright.
I love your fabric colour by the way. It matches your linen beautifully.
Angela xx

Gillie said...

We have sunshine but the thermometer this morning says 19 degrees in Michigan, yikes!

Glad you found the buttons, I had a clean out on Tuesday (with pictures, nothing held back, lol!) didn't find any nice surprises but did decide to send some stuff to Goodwill/EGA silent auction so am breathing more easily!

Carolien said...

Glad you found the buttons!

Happy stitching & hugs,

Sheila said...

Those buttons look so pretty - it will be a lovely piece when finished.
And a very belated Happpy Anniversary!

Deb said...

Glad that you found the buttons. They really look nice laid out on your piece. Amazing what you'll find when you go digging around!! That happens to me all the time.

Michelle said...

So glad you found your buttons!!! Such a pretty piece.

Siobhan said...

Woohoo! Roberta, it looks great. I'm glad that you found the buttons. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate when I do stuff like that but I'm so glad you found the buttons. Can't wait to see it all "done up" :-)

Brigitte said...

Lucky you. It will look gorgeous with the buttonthat is underneath and s on. And I so love the fabric you are going to use for the finishing.

Dona said...

I'm glad you found the buttons, Roberta! And they are very cute!

Lynn B said...

Hi Roberta,
Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog, your email is set as no reply so I could not respond direct to you. I too am considering doing a redwork quilt, I cannot wait to see yours finished!
I love this buttons design, we must have similar taste because this pattern is on my to do list!

Lynn B