Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pillows and such

Now that the Christmas decor is packed away, I am trying to get some of the home decor in order. My guest room is blue (not my favorite color), but it was already painted and since I had my daughters bed set and I do not feel like painting at this time, I decided to make the room look homey. I still need to paint the small set of stairs that is on the left painted red. On the bed I put a pillow inside the iris pillow cover that was given to me my Heidi for my birthday. The orange and yellow pillow I put together after finding the front stitched part at a church thrift shop. Found the Hydranger fabric in the scrap bin and bought the edging. The little grey dog was made for me by my Auntie Rose when I was a little girl.
Below is another little pink dog my Aunt made for me when I was little. The rabbit is a class I taught many years ago when I was teaching. They are sitting on a small folded pile of quilts and pillows that I made. On the wall are paintings I did when my children were babies. A gift from my husband - painting lessons one night a week to get me out of the house and he took care of the babies. Nice guy - right??
Below is a picture of my bed and some of the pillow that I made to go on the bed. The comforter and pillow shams came from Ikea, the puffed square pillow was on sale for $5, but I made the two striped and the Toile pillow. Now I just need to make curtains for the room!!

Miss Saddles is sleeping in her usual spot on our bed
Hope you all are having a good January - Thank you for stopping by ---- Roberta


Siobhan said...

Beautiful decorating, Roberta! Isn't it nice to get things all situated? :) I especially love that stack of quilts. My Aunt Wanda, God rest her soul, made me a rabbit like you have. It's one of the few stuffed animal type things that I've kept as it reminds me of her. :)

Maggie said...

Loved looking at your photos, i have that very same cover from Ikea, you have good taste! i want those steps you have by the bed in your 'blue' room, i think they are realy cute lol.

thanks for sharing.
Maggie x

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing photos of your rooms Roberta. I love all of your pillows and the animals, and I LOVE your quilts! I didn't know you could paint - that is so cool.

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

very pretty, Roberta! I love blue. :)

Clare said...

What a talented lady you are Roberta - I just loved your paintings. The beds look so inviting.


Peg said...

Roberta what a wonderful tour you gave us, I love the bedrooms thank you for sharing.

Peg xx