Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have a one day a week job

Well, I am so excited, I get to work in a stitching shop here in Macon, Georgia. It is called The Stitchers Ark and it is located in an older historic area of Macon named Ingelside. Several cute and some unique shops. I will be working one day a week helping to keep the shop organized and clean and to wait on customers. Of course this will end up being a non paying job!!! if you know what I mean!!! ;o))) There is so much neat stuff to buy and have in my personal possession.

Below is a picture of a shelf area that I arranged. The top shelf has some Americana and a bit of Christmas (just to start enticing customers to think ahead) The second shelf is mostly Halloween with some Fall charts and things. The third shelf has various charts and kits.
Next one down is the store front display again with Halloween and Fall designs. The picture was taken from the outside and I tried to keep from getting a flashback, but I did end up with some window refection.
This is what the back side of the table looks like on the window display. I thought the owner was very cleaver in putting the table in the window backwards this way I could put patterns and charts in the drawers - making it very handy!!! Do you agree??
This is the bottom shelf of the table in the front window.
Well, that is it for now - thanks for stopping by.



Nancy said...

Congratulations on your job Roberta! What a fun shop, and it would be a non-paying job for me too! So many wonderful things! I love the cat box, and all the Halloween and Autumn charts are wonderful. Who is the designer of the framed monochramatic sampler that reads Give Thanks Always - it has pumpkins to the left side of the words. I love the table in the window, and I agree that it is a very clever way to display! Have lots of fun!

Nancy said...

This looks like a fun shop to work in. I too would never take any money home. I love the first picture with the three flags. I also like the cute man with the pumpkin head. Such cute patterns.
What a great job this would be to work in and just visit.
Nancy V

staci said...

Have fun with your new job! It actually sounds like a job where you'll be paying to work there, LOL!

Carolien said...

Congratulations on your new job, Roberta! That must be fun to do, it looks nice!

Have a great weekend & greetings, Carolien

hazel said...

Well done on getting a little job in a store that sells your favourite things. You have a great talent for displaying items and I know what you mean about non paying. Hugs Hazel

Fran├žoise said...

very fun shop!!!!

Solstitches said...

Roberta, what a lucky girl you are to have managed to find another job in a stitching shop!
One day a week is better than nothing at all and this shop looks so nice. You did a great job with the displays and the owner is as lucky to find you as you were to find her.
So you won't be taking home a pay cheque but you will take home some lovely stash instead. Sounds good to me!

Caroline said...

Roberta, What a fun job and perfect for you!!! I just re-discovered your blog, so I had to get caught up on all your news. The kitties are darling and Terry really looks so smart now as a doctor!!!! Just kidding, he always looked smart! I am missing the mountains this time of year, so take a nice long walk in the woods for me!!! It is finally getting cooler here--thank goodness because our a/c just broke and they had to order a part, so the timing is good...Anyway, I miss you and hope you are having a great time in Georgia! Love you, Caroline

Christine said...

Congrats on the new job! You lucky lady. Love all the displays. What a pretty shop.