Monday, May 19, 2008

Beatrix Potter is finally framed

Well with all the packing and unpacking and the move poor Beatrix Potter sat at the frame shop waiting for me to mount her (since January no less!!) for the framer.

So here she is:


staci said...

A big congratulations to you!!! It is simply stunning!!! You must be so proud (and rightfully so!)

Nancy said...

And, she is absolutely stunning! You really did beautiful stitching on Beatrix, and I love your choice of frame! I'm sure she will have a place of honor in your new home.

angelasweby said...

Oh Roberta,
It looks just beautiful. What a great sense of satisfaction to have it back home and so perfectly framed. I wish you many years of enjoyment.

Having seen Heidi's half done and Joni talking of hers, I really can't wait to start on mine. I definitely will do it :>)
Hugs, Angela

hazel said...

Such a beautiful sampler Roberta and I am sure it will look stunning in your new home.
Warm hugs, Hazel

Fran├žoise said...

Oh roberta!!!
So lovely!!!

Heidi said...

Wow! BP is just fabulous Roberta! I just love the distressed fabric you used. It looks so superb and vintage with the perfect frame. You must be so pleased with how it turned out and I am sure it will be taking pride of place hanging in your new home.

Hugs ~

bonnie said...

Incredible, Roberta! What an accomplishment!

Tanya said...

Gorgeous finish!!!


Joni said...

She is lovely and the frame is so pretty!! Congrats on the great finish.

Solstitches said...

Simply beautiful! It will look magnificent hanging in your new home.
You did a wonderful job of leading the SAL. I'm only sad I did not keep up.

Nancy said...

I am taking some time finally to look at some blogs. This sampler is awesome. I was watching Heidi while she worked on hers. Glad you got to have some stitching time too.
Nancy V

Sharon said...

How beautiful this is, what a lovely piece you have made there and the framing makes it more incredible. Congratulations to you.
PS your kitties are so beautiful!

Carolien said...

Hello Roberta,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I'm just busy discovering yours (finally!), I'm sure I want to read more ... Your BP sampler is BEAUTIFUL! I love the passion flower in it, each time I see that sampler I admire it.

Greetings! Carolien