Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The sewing room - after the move - UGHHH!

Hi everyone, well several of you asked me when I will be getting to my sewing room. Well here is what I have to face once I get the house somewhat in order. Lindsay and I are hoping to get to the sewing room on Thursday.


Clare said...

It may look quite intimidating - but think of all the treasures you will find when you unpack - anyway, good luck, and have fun!

Nancy said...

A lot to unpack, but I can just imagine what fun those boxes hold!

Nancy said...

Hey, been there done that. I so know what that is like. We moved soooo many times with the military.
Now, my two Grandaughters are doing it. Have a great day.
Nancy V

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Roberta, I can relate to this. But these boxes should be a lot of fun to unpack, lol. More than the ones with the kitchen thingies, lol.