Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And the search continues

Good Morning my friends,

Today is bright and sunny, but rain coming later. We had some terrible storms on Sunday that created tornado in several areas around us here in Macon.

As many of you know we pulled out of the contract from the cute little brick house. This was due to many factors and Terry and I felt that we needed to step back and review our long range plans and what are comfort levels really were.

We have been going back to several properties that we had looked at and liked before we started our serious search. We also have been looking at homes for sale "by owner". We are much more knowledgeable of the area and where we maybe should be living, all of which is making us feel a bit better.

Today we are off to look at some new construction in a different part of town. Will let you know what we find!!

Well, off to get ready to go, TTFN


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