Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Will I meet my Thursday Deadline!!!

Hi Everyone, well, I have been a busy girl, working in the yard, in the house and of course stitching.

My deadline for Sanctuary was Thursday, May 31st, I am thinking that I may not make it!!!  I have started the written border and the rapid stitch border, doing both at the same time the fabric is in a hoop.  I will definitely have this done within a few days after my deadline!!!  I have already pulled my end of June deadline piece(s).  Will show them to you when Sanctuary is done.

Thought you all might like to see another love of mine - My Ikebana arrangements.  I belong to the local Ikebana group and I take flower arrangement classes once a week.  Some materials that I use do come from my yard, but also have to purchase flowers from the store. 

 Below is a necklace that I am making.  It was a pilot class for Marie Campbell which will be taught at the next EGA National Seminar.  The picture really doesn't give you a good look at the colors, so hopefully when it is done I can get a better photo.
One of my local EGA groups invited Elizabeth Tellado to teach a workshop for us.  It is a small darling bunny purse using the Kelscott handles.
Instead of stitching the design again in the back (which was part of the pattern) I decided to use fabric that coordinated.
Her is a look at the inside of the purse - small pearls are used to anchor the Kelscott handles.  I also added a small pocket on the inside.  We also made this carrott scissor sheath - and since I had made this cute Fern Ridge 'Jack' scissor fob, I attached it to the rabbit scissors.
A week ago our EGA Chapter had Catherine Jordan come for a lecture and workshop.  This is a small needle roll which fits into a small silver etui.  A friend who makes jewlery and things from metal made me a small laying tool from a small butter knife.  It fits into the Etui!!  Will show all when all is done.
Below is several "Button Bags" that I have made for friends and family and my bookclub.  This is derived from a pattern by Jackie DuPlessis.  This makes for a lovely gift and since I have lots of buttons - it is a good use for the buttons.

Well, off to relax for the afternoon and get some stitching done.

Thank you for visiting -----------   Roberta


Sheila said...

WOW Roberta - you have been busy.
I love everything you have made - such a diverse array of crafts ... fabulous!!!

Nancy said...

Everything is so pretty Roberta! I'm cheering you on to finish Sanctuary. You have stitched it beautifully! Your flower arrangements are wonderful, and the bunny purse is adorable! Love the button purses - aren't vintage buttons a fun thing to collect?

Sarah Beth said...

Everything looks great. Love the laying tool. How do you use a laying tool? I have often thought about buying one. Love the carrot scissors holder too.

Caz said...

I love your Sanctuary x-stitch,, and your beautiful flower arrangements!!

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness, Roberta! You HAVE been a busy girl! I love all your pieces and you are almost finished with The Sanctuary--so pretty! I absolutely LOVE your sewing room--what a dream to have everything so organized and all in one place! It is a perfect size, too! I am sure you are really enjoying it--your own secret special place! Love you! Caroline

Margaret said...

Wow, I loved seeing all you are working on. Sanctuary is so gorgeous! Your flowers are amazing too. And the various EGA things -- wow! Wonderful!

Chris said...

Wonderful post Roberta!
Your DT piece is beautiful. I love the finishing on all your pieces, esp. the bunny purse.
The ikebana is beautiful too.

Dona said...

You're almost finished, Roberta! It's so pretty, as are your EGA projects!

Beautiful flower arrangements, too!

Carol said...

What a wonderful variety of projects you have to share with us today, Roberta! I love, love, love Sanctuary--have it in my stash, but haven't started it. Can't wait to see it all finished up :)

Your purse is darling and I love how you changed out the back in favor of that pretty fabric.

Enjoy your week :)

Solstitches said...

I am absolutely loving the little bunny reticule and what a neat idea to put the pearl beads on the inside.
Your button purses are adorable too.

Melanie said...

Such great projects you have going on!!!!!!