Friday, January 28, 2011

So where have you been???

Good Morning and yes it is a great morning, I actually am home and have the entire day - OK the entire weekend all to myself!!!!

Life has gotten in the way these past several weeks, so I want to apologize to my blogging friends for not stopping by to visit - though I am slowly getting caught up with all that everyone is doing.

Christmas was wonderful, but so busy before and then after - had to go to our condo (with no internet) in Florida the week between Christmas and New Year's. Then it was registration at the college and for two weeks I worked 10 to 13 hour days, so computer time was very limited.

After two weeks of work, I had signed up to go to Callaway Gardens NeedleArts retreat a year ago, Off I went to Callaway to stitch for 6 days. It was great fun and so relaxing - again computer time very limited.

Then back to work, but on regular schedule and have spent the last week and 1/2 trying to get the house back in order, and get caught up with messages and blogs - I am slowing getting the blog reading done.

During all this time - I managed to stitch everyday - well, let me clarify this!!! My New Year's resolution was to put at least one stitch in every day. Well, some days it was only about 4 or 5 stitches!! But I am back to doing more stitches a day now!!! YEAH!

I have finished stitching yet another ornament (total of 4) and have knitted two scarves and a washcloth and just about finished the second sock of a pair that I had started last year!!

Will have pictures in a day or two - today I am hoping to straighten out my sewing room and to get some serious stitching done - actually that is the plan for the entire weekend.

Sorry for not being around - I do appreciate it when someone does drop in for a visit.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ---------Roberta


gracie said...

Welcome back to blog-world.

Margaret said...

Glad to hear from you! Now you know you have to show off your projects from Callaway. It's a necessity! lol!

KimV said...

Oh, I wanna go... Callaway looks gorgeous... 6 days of stitching...?
Oh... what a dream!

Jeanne said...

Hi Roberta and Happy New Year to you! I'm busy as a bee as well and there's no way to keep up on all my blog reading- no sooner do I get it under control then a few days later I'm way behind again. I just try to get around to everyone now and then but that's all I can do. Hope you had fun at your stitching retreat and Terry and the kids are all doing well. We are fine here in Phoenix, finishing up some bathroom remodeling so everything has been a big mess for the past month but I'm still stitching every minute I can spare.


woolwoman said...

OH my Roberta - need details on Callaway PLEEEEZE!

Enjoy your weekend at home - I know I sure am

Erna said...

Hello Roberta, we all have busy times sometimes, glad to see you back...
Hugs from a cold but sunny Amsterdam

Saskia said...

Good to hear you could be creative every day. Even if it was for only 4 or 5 stitches.. And what a terrible thing, Six day's stitching retreat... I feel so sorry for you LOL!