Sunday, April 5, 2009

Karetaker Kitties

My sister, who lives in Ohio, had knee replacement surgery at the end of March, hence why I haven't put anything on my blog.

Below is a picture of my sister, being cared for by her two cats - Juliette in the forefront and Jasmine sitting on her good leg.
Jasmine in ready to help pose!Juliette standing watch!Here they are on their rest break!!
My sister is doing remarkably well with her recuperation. This morning, we walked 1/3 or a mile around her community and then a shorter walk this afternoon. The surgery was a week ago Wednesday and I am amazed at how quickly her incision has healed. Instead of staples or stitches, her leg was glued together. She was able to take a shower within 48 hours of surgery and did not have to cover the incision. Jean has been really good with doing her exercises. We have had a good time together - great sister time!!! Tomorrow we are heading to the 4th session of PT and then a bit of shopping!!! Of course, she needs to use her walker (which she does not really like)but in the house and going to PT she uses her cane!! Again I am amazed at how quickly this proceedure and recovery has been. Her doctor is one of the top in this field and travels around the country teaching. I am very impressed.

Well, time to go and redo the ice packs

Thanks for stopping by --- Hope to put up some pictures of my stitching within the next few days.



Daffycat said...

I'm so glad your sister is doing well! She got glued? It's amazing how medicine advances, isn't it?

Her kitties are gorgeous. My late Daffy-cat looked just like them. I love how one of the J's is peeking out from under the covers! Cute!

mainely stitching said...

It's great to hear that your sister is recuperating so wonderfully!

Nancy said...

Well, the cats are dressed for nursing. How cute they are, the little all white fur balls.
Your sister is doing great. Wow.
I bet she loves having you there with her. Sister time is so good.
Tell her to keep up the good work.
Is she a stitcher also?

Heidi said...

Hi Roberta! I was wondering how you have been. It is good to hear that your sister is doing so well. She has three great nurses ~ you and her cats ~ and that always helps. :-) These moments in life can be special for family with helping each other. Enjoy the moments together and by the sounds of it, your sister will be out running you soon. Tell her I wish her the best recovery.

Hugs ~

angelasweby said...

Roberta, so glad the cats are helping with the healing :>) Cats are meant to be very theraputic but possibly not quite as much help as a loving sister :>) Will you please come and stay with me if I have my knees done.....haha!
It really sounds as if she is making excellent progress. It's amazing how new surgery techniques help speed up recuperation time.
Warm hugs Angela

Judith Tetley said...

What adorable I love them, but unfortunately I am allergic to them now, so can't have anymore. Hope your sister improves each day.
Kind Regards

Sheila said...

Glad your sister is doing so well and that her kitties have been such a great help in assisting with her recovery. They are so cute :)

Nancy said...

I'm glad to hear your sister is recuperating so well and so quickly! It sounds like you have really enjoyed your time together.

Jasmine and Juliette are gorgeous!

Siobhan said...

I'm glad that your sister is recuperating so well!

Sherry said...

Be watching your mailbox for a PIF coming your way!!

Brigitte said...

Roberta, this is great news from your sister. She will soon be able to walk without cane.