Sunday, November 30, 2008

Autumn's Progress

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone - I hope you all had a nice day. It was quiet here with just DH, DD, friends and SIL. Kept the food simple and was able to sit and stitch for part of the day.Here is a picture of a little pillow that I stitched for my sister. The chart was a freebie from Tanya's The Sampler Girl.
This is a picture of the back yard in Mid November

Here is the backyard as of November 28thYesterday November 29th was rainy and cloudy, but here is what our grass looks like==brown!!

Well off to decorate for Christmas - hope to post pictures of decorations this week.

Hope you all are enjoying the season --- Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Stitches with Peace and Goodwill --------- Roberta


Françoise said...

ooo so lovely!!!!!
hugs my dear friend

Nancy said...

Oh Roberta:
That house is just beautiful. The pillow you stitched for your sister is really nice. It is fun to take the same picture in different seasons too. Have a great day.

staci said...

Your pillow is just lovely, I'm sure your sister loves it!

And your house is beautiful even if the grass is brown ;) Ours was brown too till the snow covered it, lol ;)

Nancy said...

I love the little pillow you made for your sister!

Your backyard is gorgeous with its Autumn hues, and I'll look forward to a photo of the bare trees in winter.

Roberta your home is gorgeous! Have fun decorating it for Christmas!

hazel said...

I love you little pillow and I am sure your sister did to.

Your house looks beautiful and so grand, I can well imagine the fun you are going to have decorating it in this first year in it. Look forward to seeing the photos.

Hugs, Hazel

Heidi said...

What pretty autumn colors Roberta! I wonder why your grass has gone brown? Is that normal in your area? We have pine trees that go brown for the winter and then go green again. The pillow you made is absolutely beautiful!

Hugs ~

Ranae said...

I am sure your sister loves that pillow, it's so darn cute.
Congrats! on a beautiful finish.

Christine said...

Love the cushion Roberta. Nice job stitching and finishing.

The trees in the backyard look so nice in the different colors.

I just adore your house. It's a beauty.

Anonymous said...

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