Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An older WIP and a new Christmas Ornament

Well, I have been working on this Christmas ornament that I purchased from the Swan Sampler Stitchers. It was actually last years ornament, but I never had a chance to stitch it. It is fairly small and an easy stitch hope to have it done this weekend.

The other piece of stitching is from an older Piecework Magazine - can not find the magazine, it may still be in Florida - luckily I had photocopied the chart to make it easier for stitching. It is a Quaker with multiple colors. Trying to get some of my backlog caught up - so far so good, except I am not doing what was on my original WIP list!!!



Nancy said...

Have fun with your projects Roberta! They both look so pretty. Isn't it amazing that stitching our WIPs even takes on a new list!

Heidi said...

These look like fun things to stitch. I figure as long as you are working on WIPs it is okay to stray from your list. At least you are still getting some older projects out of the way. Why do we start so many at once? The age old stitchers/quilters dilema! I am sorting quilt UFOs now and put a photo of the first one on my blog. Yikes! I want to tackle as many as I can in 2008.

Hugs ~

Solstitches said...

I've just been enjoying all the pictures in your sidebar Roberta.
Love the Quaker WIP and the ornament.
I see you've been busy knitting and crocheting too. I'm amazed at just how much you manage to get done!