Monday, February 18, 2008

And the search goes on

Hi all, This buying a house is for the birds!! Terrry and I after some serious thinking have decided to pull out of the contract agreement we had on the cute brick house. There was too much to do and we felt like we were always giving in. So we decided to opt out!!

I am not as upset as I thought I might be, actually I am feeling a bit of relief!!! We did truly love the house, but it would have taken us several years and much money to get it to where it should be, and yes, I know no house is perfect and one does need to do things to make it there own, but we need to be doing less not more!!

So the search begins again, but we will step back for a bit. We will revisit some previous house we had looked at. After all this is suppose to be a buyer's marker ;o))))

Anyway that is the update on househunting.

I am just about finished with a stitched ornament and plan to work on the 2nd Papillon segment mystery samper

I also am posting some finished pieces that I had finished a while back.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and Valentine's Day.



angelasweby said...

It sounds like a wise and well thought out decision. You will find the right place, it just needs time and patience. Good luck with your search.

I love the beautiful Hibiscus at the top of your blog. It's really beautiful and takes me back to our home in Cyprus. We had Hibiscus hedges all around our front garden. They flowered all the year round :>)
Hugs, Angela

Christine said...

Thats too bad Roberta that the house did not work out for you. Like you said you need less work, not more so I guess it's all for the best.

I'm watching for photos of your Valentines exchange. Somehow I don't think Angela's eloquent discription did justice to your stitching.

Nancy said...

Sorry the house didn't work out Roberta, but it sounds like it would have been a lot of work in the long run. The one that will be perfect for you is out there waiting for you to find it!

I love your little pincushion. Have fun with your mystery sampler, and I will look forward to seeing your part 2!